Freeflow Wall Starters allow simplified and low cost installation of most through wall connections.

The normal procedure for passing pipes though walls is to leave a substantial 'Box-Out' in the wall during the original pouring process. At a later time, the contractor then passes a 'puddle pipe' through this opening, supports the pipe and builds an intricate 'letter box' shutter around it. He pours and compacts the new concrete into the void to encapsulate the puddle pipe. Very often the puddle pipe moves with the pour and settles to a less suitable alignment.

Because the Freeflow Wall Starter is rigidly held between the shutters, the 'boxing out' process is eliminated and the Wall Starter is cast flush in the wall. This means that pouring the wall is a simplified and single process. It also means that leak paths, which are inevitably set up when new concrete is poured onto old, are completely eliminated. Using a Freeflow WS-1 Wall Starter gives a flexible coupling either side of the wall where pipes can either be passed through or inserted into each side. This allows for slight misalignment or angular defection on each side of the wall.

The use of Freeflows Wall Starters means that installed costs can be drastically reduced particularly where a large number of through the wall joints appear on a structure e.g. in a gravity treatment works.

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