Established in 1988 as Viking Johnson Fabricators to supply coated steel pipework and fittings to the UK Water industry.


The Company became Freeflow Pipesystems in 2002 and is now a leading supplier in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Freeflow Pipesystems is a privately owned limited company registered in England and a leading supplier of Pipe Flanges and Fittings since 1966.

The majority of Freeflows production is fabricated pipework for the Water Industries in the UK and overseas, producing thousands of tonnes per annum in Flanged and Plain ended pipe, tees, bends, reducers and specials.

Our production range consists:

  • Coated carbon steel pipework and fittings with capacity to produce diameter ranges of 25mm through to 3000mm and above, to suit all types and materials of pipework
  • Flexible Couplings, Stepped Couplings and Flange Adaptors
  • Dismantling Joints
  • Wall Couplings
  • Site Weld Joints (Fabriweld)

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  • Vessels
  • Flange Converters
  • Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating

Our Management Team

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